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I passed my 74-674 BVPS exam

Posted by Jessica Wang on April 9, 2009

I passed my BVPS exam on Monday 30th March. It is a bit late to blog about it but what the hell.

I found the materials on BVPS extremely helpful, especially the study guide. I guess the key to it is to be mentally prepared to read 5 case studies and when in doubt, always go back to the case study. 🙂


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Make A Promise To Go Green And Get 250 GB Free File Hosting

Posted by Jessica Wang on January 23, 2009

I know this is not related to SharePoint in any way but we need to save the earth besides there is a bonus for you. Do your bit for the earth and pledge now.

I promise to
1. not print out documents to read whenever possible.
2. print on recycle paper and on both sides. Do you?
3. switch off all appliances (except the fridge) at the power outlet whenever they are not in use. Do you?

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Display Current User Name in a page

Posted by Jessica Wang on March 26, 2008

I had to display the current user name in a page within Sharepoint, So I created this javascript to get the name from the welcome link.

1. Enter the javascript within the page.aspx

 <!– Script for displaying name –>
     <script language=”javascript”  type=”text/javascript”>
   var Loginname = document.getElementById(“zz6_Menu”).innerHTML ;   
   var end = Loginname.indexOf(“<“); 
   var nameOnly = Loginname.substring(8, end);

There are 2 ways which you can get the Id which is highlighted in red.

1. Right the page and view source to get the ID

2. Using IE Developer Toolbar, click on the Name


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